• Sunday Service times: Family Bible Class @9am. Morning Service @10am. Evening Service @18:30
Welcome to Goodwood Baptist Church: We are a Christ centered and Bible based church that aims to equip our members to live a gospel focused life.

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Pray for the Unreached

Provided by "Joshua Project." Please visit their website for more detailed information by clicking on the "Unreached People of the Fay."

What is Happening This Sunday

09h00:- Sunday School & Family Bible Class which will be continuing the Series: “Suffering for God’s Glory”
10h00:- Morning Worship - Pastor Martin Drysdale “Practical Prayer in Light of Eternity” - Luke 18: 1-8
17h45:- Prayer Meeting – John Whaits
18h30:- Evening Worship – Communion – Andrew Gersbach “Why Favouritism is such a Bad Thing" - James 2:1-13
Coffee/Tea served in the hall after the services

Quote of the Week

"Opening our homes to others is a wonderful gift and a neglected discipline in the church. But we easily forget the whole point of hospitality. Think of it this way: Good hospital-ity is making your home a hospital. The idea is that friends and family and the wounded and weary people come to your home and leaved helped and refreshed. And yet, too often hospitality is a nerve-wracking experience for hosts and guests alike....We get worked up and crazy busy in all the wrong ways because we are more concerned about looking good than with doing good. So instead of our encouraging those we host, they feel compelled to encourage us with constant reassurances that everything is just fine...Christian hospitality has more to do with good relationships that with good food.....In many instances, less ado would serve better."
(Kevin De Young)

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