Jerusalem, Judea and all the world
GBC has the joy of partnering with several ‘full-time’ national and overseas missionaries in the work of the gospel:
Diane Guta is faithfully serving among underprivileged children in Cochabamba.
Hans-Walter and Sabine Ritter are resident in Germany where Hans is serving as National Director of OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship).
Doug Crutchley has been involved in a unique and challenging ministry in Cape Town and further afield (recently Namibia).

Readers will be interested in its beginnings and progress:
Evangelism Outreach
In May 1996, as a result of observing a Hare Krishna devotee promoting his sect’s literature and his consequent and increasing conviction to point the lost to Christ, Doug began evangelism outreach in the streets of Cape Town. At that time he was working for a bank situated in the heart of the city centre. After purchasing a suitable carry-bag and a number of Ultimate Questions (John Blanchard’s excellent 32-page evangelistic booklet), every available lunch break was used to share the Good News. Initially the outreach was limited to the city bowl, but it soon expanded into the suburbs. He continued to share the gospel on a part-time basis for three years, gaining experience and insight into the enormous potential for one-to-one literature evangelism using Ultimate Questions.
In April 1999, he was able to begin full-time outreach. Since then, new dimensions have been added to the ministry: discipling through literature; undertaking itinerant evangelism trips (to other parts of South Africa and, in June 2006, to Namibia); and, from May 2005, weekend outreach at Cape Town harbour.

Objectives of the ministry

  • to identify with the Lord Jesus Christ in the sight of the public
  • to offer the good news of salvation through literature
  • to sow the seed of the gospel, primarily using Ultimate Questions
  • to disciple individuals through follow-on material
  • to endorse and promote the necessity of being actively involved in a Bible-centred, Christ-focused local church.

Modus operandi

Evangelistic literature is offered indiscriminately, that is, to the whole cross-section of society. It is given out generously but not carelessly; each recipient knows what he or she is receiving and has indicated that the booklet is wanted. A perspective – distribution of literature for the 12-month period Dec 2005 to Nov 2006:
Ultimate Questions 16 351
Where is God when things go wrong? 575
Why believe the Bible? 418
Right with God 180
Other Christian books 71
Portions of Scripture (Gospels) 388
New Testaments 15
Bibles 139

Doug also refers to a Board of reference who take an active interest in the ministry: Rev Roland Eskinazi, Rev Martin Holdt, Rev Dr Syd Hudson-Reed, Dr Frank Opie, Mr Phil Shrimpton (UK), Rev Dr Bryan Williams.