Mission to Kenya
Who will show them the Living Water?

Randile People


  • Obey God by making disciples of all nations.
  • Cultivate a lifestyle of missions and evangelism in Goodwood Baptist Church.
  • Grow in our knowledge and experience of cross-cultural missions.
  • Establish short mission trips as a method to support global missions.
  • Use short mission trips to train long term missionaries.


  • Bring the gospel to the unreached Randele People.
  • Support existing missions work among the Randele People.
  • Contribute to the growing need for workers among the Randile People.
  • Encourage missionaries that work among the Randile People.


  • Share the gospel daily in different villages.
  • Distribute Bibles and gospel material.
  • Lead Bible studies daily in different villages.
  • Support pastor Patrich Ochieng in church planting.
  • Participate in existing church services.
  • Participate in existing prayer meetings.
  • Participate in existing Bible study Groups.
  • Assist with youth group activities.
  • Assist with Sunday School activities.

Target Group

The unreached Randile People.
Main Language: Rendille
Largest Religion: Ethnic Religions
Evangelical: 4.20%
People Group Info:
From Joshua Project -> HERE.
From Africa Inland Missions -> HERE.
Who will show them the living water? – Video about the Randile -> HERE.

Target Location

Northern Kenya around the town of Korr.
Google Maps -> HERE.

With Who?

We will be working with pastor Patrick Ochieng. He is an ordained Reformed Baptist Pastor/Missionary. He works among the Randile People for more than 13 years. His sending church is Emmanuel Baptist Church from Nairobi. He is involved with two church plants among the Randile People. Nick Swanepoel who lived in Korr and was a missionary for more than 30 years among the Randile knows pastor Patrick Ochieng and highly recommends his ministry. Nick Swanepoel said, “Patrick is a dear brother and faithful teacher of the Word. He has a good relationship with the Korr pastors and the AIC (Africa Inland Missions) pastors. He is a keen member of the pastors fellowship and an active member of the Rendille translation committee.”

Pastor Patrick Ochieng’s Facebook profile -> HERE.


10 – 27 April 2020

Motivation for date

According to Pastor, Patrick Ochieng, whom we will be working with, April is the best time. It’s school holidays and the children will be back in the villages. Secondly, there are many holidays in that period that enable us to take less leave. Lastly, it’s a great time to share the gospel, it’s Easter.

Travel Requirements

(Travel, accommodation and food is for 5 people. All traveling include return tickets)

Trip 1: Direct Flight, Cpt – Nairobi: R7400 (SAA)
Trip 2: Nairobi to Korr (bus): $20/pp
Total: R 40 000

Visa Requirements

Each person needs a valid South African passport.
No visa is required for South Africans for up to 90 days – granted you have a valid passport.
Read more HERE.

Medical Requirements

Yellow Fever is compulsory.
Read more HERE.

Cost: R700 (R350 + consultation).
It’s a malaria free area.
Total: R700


Sleep one night in Nairobi with Andy Pettigrew: No cost
Stay 1-2 nights in Guest House: $5/night per person
Stay 1-2 nights in Guest House: $5/night per person
Stay two weeks in village in church building: No cost
Sleep last night in Nairobi with Andy Pettigrew: No cost
Total: R240/person (budgeted for 3 nights in Guest House)
Total: R1200 (for 5 people)


Total: R10500 (for 5 people for 14 days)

Total Budget

Projected budget for 5 people.
Transport: R40000
Medical: R3500
Accommodation: R1200
Food: R10500
Total: R55 200

Interest Shown

Jaco de Beer
Matthew Mellors
Colin Wyatt-goodall
Abrie Louwrens
Kathryn Schoeman

Travel Itinerary

People-group Information

Pray for the Randile: https://eu.aimint.org/pray/rendille/
A Joyful Celebration | Kenyan Tribe Receives Bible in their own Language: https://web.facebook.com/aimstories/videos/381703285879386/
Randile of Kenya: https://joshuaproject.net/people_groups/14543/KE
Rendille Life, Korr, Kenya: https://youtu.be/saPMpKYGf8E
Rendille village in Northern Kenya: https://youtu.be/FXiWiMnfJg8
Rendille village in Northern Kenya: https://youtu.be/LoDwnICvR-c
Why beads are an essential part of life for the Rendile people: https://youtu.be/oj_Cdh4SQJU
Rendille – Death and Rebirth During the Cycle of the Moon: https://youtu.be/8N9MaxyYTI4
Randile Marriage Rite: https://youtu.be/_jTxqJ_641g
Jesus film in Randile: https://www.jesusfilm.org/watch/jesus.html/rendille.html