The Mistakes that Might Accompany a “Quiet Time”

1. Forming Absolutes that Scripture does not (c.f Mt 15:9)

2. Personalizing Worship in an Unbiblical Way (c.f. Lev 10:1ff)

3. An ‘Unblessed Assurance’ (c.f. Mt 15:8 / Mt 7:21)

4. Mechanical Religious Duty

5.Ritualistic Tendencies – securing grace / sacramentalism

6. Legalistic Guilt over missing a Quiet Time

7. Errors relating to Emotions

  • Discouragement at a lack of ‘feeling’
  • Idolatrous pursuit of emotions (top-me-ups)
  • Dependence on emotions before engaging in worship

8. Discounting the Interruptions of Providence (c.f. Luke 10:25ff)

The Need & Benefits of Private Worship

(some notes from John 4)

  1. Consider the Example of Jesus – the perfect Man
  • Mark 1:35 / Luke 5:16

2. Consider the Example of Others

  • In Scripture (David, Daniel, Peter…)
  • In History (Spurgeon, EM Bounds, Hudson Taylor, Thomas Watson…)

3. Consider the Commands of God concerning Private Worship

  • For example, Matthew 6 (secret prayer, daily prayer);
  • Other instructions that we seek God both in community and as individuals

4. Consider the Worthiness of God to be worshipped

5. Consider the Benefits to the Believer

6. Consider the Question you Should Really be Asking Yourself…

Some Closing Practical Suggestions….

1. Ask for God’s help to Worship Him

2. Act on your Asking

3. Plan to Worship

4. Consider using a Prayer Journal

5. Consider Praying Aloud

6. Use ‘spare’ time for private worship too

7. Get a Study Bible

8. Get a Bible Reading Plan

9. Make use of Sound Devotional Resources

10. Get a hard-copy of the Scriptures

11. Establish Accountability