Coram Deo – Family Camp 2020

Feedback from Bruce Webber

This years family camp was a joyous occasion. I put emphasis on the word family, because that’s what we are in Christ and the family union was very much evident at the camp. Just as the Israelites saw God’s supremacy on display before Mount Sinai, His supremacy was seen manifest through the outworking of His grace in the life of the church and this family unity that was celebrated over the course of the weekend, to the praise of His glorious grace.

Camp this year was an encouragement to all who attended. We were all encouraged by the messages that were very much fitting to the gathering of the Saints over the weekend. The Theme this year: “Coram Deo – Living before the Face of God”. We all marveled at the beauty of being able to celebrate being in God’s presence – a unity only found in Christ. We were filled with thankfulness as we came to a fuller realization that we have been invited into God’s presence – an invite which extends further than Israel, even to tax-collectors and widows and orphans. Indeed Coram – Deo is actually what God wants! And He has provided a way! We also came to a fuller realization that “Praise, Praise, Praise” can be our only response – a celebration for what God has done for us in Christ.

True joy is found nowhere else but in the presence of the Lord. Any other aspirations lead to restlessness. We look back at Christ on the cross and see His excellence and glory for sins taken away. We all marveled at the fact that each time we reflect back on this and each time we experience oneness in the body, Christ’s prayer in John 17 is answered.

This celebration, being likened to a wedding feast, continued over the weekend worship, inclusive of songs, fellowship, times of prayer and taking of food together at meal times. Indeed we celebrate because of the goodness of God’s presence as we consider and reflect on God’s goodness now and in the past.

It was great to be joined by many day visitors on Saturday and Sunday as we all learned a new hymn:

A Christian’s Daily Prayer By Sovereign Grace Music

As morning dawns and day awakes, To You I bring my need O gracious God, my source of strength, In You I live and breathe Each hour is Yours by wisdom planned, Each deed empowered by sovereign hands Renew my spirit, help me stand; Be glorified today

As day unfolds, I seek Your will In all of life’s demands And though the tempter tries me still, I cling to Your commands Let every effort of my life Display the matchless worth of Christ Make me a living sacrifice; Be glorified today

As sun gives way to darkest night Your Spirit still is here And though my strength fades like the light New mercies will appear I rest in You; abide with me Until our trials and suffering Give way to final victory Be glorified, today

I rest in You; abide with me Until our trials and suffering Give way to final victory Be glorified, today Be glorified, I pray

Please find pictures and recordings below.


Coram Deo – Camp Session 1
Coram Deo – Camp Session 2
Coram Deo – Camp Session 3
Coram Deo – Camp Session 4