Elders Update

Elders’ Update #3/2021

Dear GBC family,

We pray and trust that you are rejoicing in the grace in which you stand which is in Christ Jesus.

Church Fellowship Group (CFG)

This is an early announcement of the new Church Fellowship Group, which we are planning to commence on Friday the 9th of April.

The reason we are starting this fellowship group is especially to accommodate parents with school going or younger children, although all are welcome to join.

Having the CFG on a Friday evening will reduce the number of evenings parents with children who attend youth meetings need to be out, and also avoids being out on a school night.

Parents who would normally drop their children at Junior Youth or Youth, and then have to return to fetch them later, will be able to attend a bible study while the children are at youth.


The following ministries will be taking place on the church premises each Friday evening of the school term:

  1. A bible study in the main auditorium for adults.
  2. Youth bible study in the prayer chapel.
  3. Junior Youth (Grade 1-7) in the hall, with the Grade 1-3s and 4-7s having separate games and class times, of a half-hour each.

We will also have childcare for the younger children.


The initial plan is to start at 18:30, with everyone gathering in the church building. We’ll have brief announcements, a song, a prayer, and then break up into our classes by 18:45. We will then have the respective ministries taking place from 18:45-19:45.

After that there will be time for everybody to fellowship together with a cup of coffee or tea; of course those that want to get their little ones to bed are welcome to leave at this point.


If you find that it is more convenient for you to continue attending your current HFG, don’t feel obliged to attend but continue to fellowship together in one another’s homes


If you have any questions please contact Andrew.

Nominations for office of deacon

Cyril Mphanga and Wayman Berkatt are retiring deacons having completed their two-year term of office. We are pleased to say that both Cyril and Wayman have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election at the AGM.

Nomination forms for deacon may be obtained from Chris McMinn, and should be completed and returned to Chris by Sunday 21st March.

New church logo

As we mentioned at a previous meeting, the church officers have been considering the design of a new logo for the church. One of the reasons has been difficulty in formatting the old logo on the various electronic media platforms now being used by the church. After much debating of ideas, development and reworking and laying aside of personal preferences, the church officers have reached consensus.

While retaining elements of the old logo, the proposed new logo shown below is simple and clearly reflects the church’s main purpose. The logo will be tabled for acceptance at the AGM.

Grace to you all,

Andrew, Martin,Shane and Winton