Elders Update

Elders’ Update #5/2021

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Dear Church Family

In view of the recent restrictions placed upon gatherings, we provide the following updates.

Second Morning Service: The elders have decided to arrange for a second morning service – in addition to the regular 10am service – starting this Sunday 27th June.

  • It will be held at 8am, and last for an hour.  
  • It will be limited to 50, and still requires registration via the church website.
  • It will not include a livestream through to the hall. The livestream to the hall will only be for 10am service.
  • There is no burden upon technicians or musicians, as this service will be very simple, and include ‘a cappella’ singing.
  • The sermon will be the same as the evening sermon – focussing on Psalm 119.
  • We do this, as we wish to encourage members to continue ‘in person’ attendance, rather than rely on live streaming. We will be able to have 50 @ the 8am service, 100 @ the 10am service (split over two buildings), and 50 again at the 6:30 service.

Sunday School & CFG (Fridays): Both these ministries will continue.

Sunday QGM: The QGM will still be held this Sunday. Please note that new members will be proposed, and also elders affirmed, in keeping with the constitution.

The Lord be with you

Andrew, Martin, Shane & Winton