Elders Update

Elders Update #7/2021

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Dear Church Family


Greetings in the name of the One who stands in the midst of the lampstands – His churches.


There are many blessings that God has bestowed upon our unrighteous nation, even as He causes the rain to fall upon the just and unjust alike. Despite having had wicked rulers, and passed wicked laws, the country still enjoys much goodness from the hand of the Lord. This is all of grace


One such blessing that the Lord has afforded to South Africa…is the true church. Christian men and women and boys and girls, who make up His people, and who live among the many millions who are spiritually lost, depraved and blind. The Head of the church – Jesus Christ – has not taken us out of the world yet, but has allowed us to endure for a season appointed by His Father’s counsels. We become salt and light – a preserving influence against the rot of sin, and an illuminating witness declaring the righteous God and His will; having a ‘prophetic’ role of sorts. And, we exist as a priesthood of believers; emphasising our privilege (in having access to God), and our responsibility (to be interceding for others). And it is to this latter part we now turn the church’s attention.


In view of the current situation in South Africa – with looting, burning, loss of jobs & life, political chaos, military deployments, unchecked crime, erosion of biblical marriage & sexuality, genocide of the unborn, pandemic, lockdowns, shuttered churches, overrun hospitals, mass illness – the elders of Goodwood Baptist Church are calling the church to please….pray. Pray deliberately. Pray intelligently. Pray persistently. Pray today, and in the days ahead. Exercise your high privilege, given by Almighty God, to approach His throne of grace and mercy in times of need. Take up your responsibility, given by our Lord, to intercede; for rulers and all in authority, for our emergency services and courts, for those whose lives and livelihoods have been wrecked by the anarchy and restrictions and long-term effects of illness, for all peoples. Pray in particular for the establishment of justice in our land, as more than ever we are seeing what ‘lawlessness’ looks like – that Satanic seed of people living as their own ‘god’. Of course, the list and content of such prayers could carry on – but we need not spell out the obvious. We only ask that members of our church community take up that holy cause, as a priesthood of believers, and petition the Living God…that He show mercy once more to our unrighteous nation.


How…when…with whom – all these details we leave to your discretion; though we urge soon, and ask for particular consideration to be given to this matter on Sunday morning. The sermon this week will be pre-recorded, and made available in a timeous manner.


As we pray, may the Holy Spirit intercede for us with groanings too deep for words.


Yours in Christ

The Elders