Elders Update

Elders’ Update #8/2021

Dear Church Family,

1. Relief for KZN churches
Thank you for heeding the call of our last elders‘ communication to earnest prayer, and we thank God for the beginning of the restoration of law and order. 
You will no doubt be aware though of the extent of the wanton destruction of property and the resulting deprivation of those who have been affected by the loss of livelihood. 
A number of folk in the church have expressed the desire to assist those who are now in need. 
While we cannot reach every situation, we have been in touch with the leadership of three churches that are known to us in Kwa-Zulu Natal – Hillcrest Baptist, Lambert Road Baptist in Durban and pastored by former GBC elder Stuart Cranna, and Calvary Covenant Fellowship in Phoenix where Adrian Pillay is pastor –  to ascertain how we contribute to alleviating the needs of our brothers and sisters. 
The most practical way that we at this distance can help is by contributing financially. We therefore encourage you prayerfully to consider contributing – either out of your abundance or sacrificially (in the manner of the Macedonian christians).
If you are eager to help alleviate the suffering – remembering that God loves a cheerful giver – please deposit your gift by EFT to the church bank account,(FNB Cheque Account No. 62012896041, N1 City Branch) with the reference KZN Relief. 
We have confidence that our support will be wisely and responsibly distributed, and in the case of Hillcrest Baptist, directed to  their church plants, where the need is dire. 
2. Updated prayer requests
Please remember those who mourn: the Demetriou families, with the passing of Yiannakis and Demetri’s father, and Sheldon and Jean Green, with the loss of Sheldon’s mother.
Continue to pray for Charlie Briedenham still in hospital, as well as Cheryl and Bailea recovering from COVID. Gail Johnson is still on a ventilator, and Gilly is doing better, but  has not yet been discharged from hospital. Pray too for Edgar van Minnen in Tygerberg Hospital.
Remember Margaret Whaits who injured her shoulder in a fall.
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.
The Elders