Elders Update

Elders’ Update #11/2021

Dear GBC family,
Prayer requests
Please continue to pray for those who have recently been bereaved, and for the Wesson family especially. A memorial service for Dave is planned for 23rd September at 2.00pm at the church – details to follow.
Remember those seeking employment or facing financial pressure in these difficult economic times, praying for faith to be strengthened and freedom from anxiety as they wait upon the Lord. Do not forget to give thanks and praise to God when in mercy our prayers are answered.
Continue to pray for Abrie and Taryn as they seek God’s will and make plans for ministry in Mozambique.
Intern / Youth Worker
We are sure that most of you are aware that over the past two years, we have been encouraging the spiritual development of two of our young men – Dewald van Ellewee and Marlin Erasmus.
To facilitate their growth, we have been exposing them to ministry opportunities, such as leading prayer meetings and worship services, and also provided financial support from the church budget with their fees for their part-time theological studies. Both Dewald and Marlin have been involved in youth ministry and Sunday School (as the lockdowns have permitted).
Many sectors of the economy have been detrimentally affected by the COVID pandemic, and the employment of a number in the church family has been impacted.
Marlin’s employer has recently been forced to reduce it’s operations, with Marlin consequently being retrenched.
The elders’ have seen this as an opportunity to widen Marlin’s exposure and ministry opportunities, and have, with the support of the church officers, decided to offer a four-month short-term, part-time internship as a youth worker, which will run to the end of the year.
We would encourage you to pray for both Dewald as he continues his part-time studies, and Marlin in his studies and ministry responsibilities, and also as he seeks employment, and the Lord’s guidance for the future.
Please continue to pray for us too.
Grace be with you all,
The Elders