Goodwood Baptist Church will be hosting a conference on the Inerrancy and Infallibility of Scripture with Dr. James White.   (Free: Please register)


What does it mean when we say the Bible is the Word of God? Does it mean everything, cover to cover, is the very words of God? Does it contain errors? Is it just the words of people?

If it is the flawless, inerrant and infallible Word of God, what impact does it have on our lives? Does God still give new revelation directly to people? How does God then speak to us? How does the Bible affect my life? Is everything in the Bible applicable to us today? Is the Bible the only rule for all of life and doctrine?

All of these questions will be addressed by this seminar.

Dr. James White Bio: Alpha and Omega Ministries

Theme: “The Supremacy of Scripture: Yesterday, Today, Forever”

Date: 6 – 8 May 2016

Where: Goodwood Baptist Church, Cnr Milton / Fisher Streets, Goodwood, Cape Town

Cost: FREE. (Refreshments will be supplied during the conference with a Lunch on Saturday)

Please Register: –>> Here

Outline: Six sessions, with Q&A (1x Friday evening / 4x Saturday / 1x Sunday morning)

  • The Inerrancy of Scripture (part 1)
  • The Inerrancy of Scripture (part 2)
  • Scripture & the LGBT Agenda
  • Scripture & ‘Modern Day Apostles/Prophets’
  • Scripture & the Interfaith Movement
  • Implications & Applications of the Supremacy of Scripture