The Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship (TMF) is a ministry of Goodwood Baptist Church that aims to equip and grow men through discipleship to be men of God in Jesus Christ. We aim to help men to connect with God in a more encouraging way through His word and other men. In fellowship with other men, Christian men are encouraged further to be salt and light to those in their sphere of influence, either at home, the community or in their workplace (Matthew 5:13-16).

Regular meetings are held, normally the second Saturday morning of each month and these meetings are undertaken in a very informal manner around the breakfast table. Speakers are drawn from the church itself, and whilst understanding that not all are naturally gifted in public speaking, encouragement is given by way of an opportunity to do so.

Topics are selected by the speakers themselves and talks do not last for more than 35 minutes. Ample time is given for the talk to be disseminated by the men, who gather in small groups to discuss the effect, the impact, and lessons to be learnt from it. By connecting, and uniting men around the Word of God, much can, and is learnt about community, accountability, support and encouragement. The need for one to one discipleship, mentoring and sharing, and reaching into each other’s lives (Proverbs 27:17).

TMF is a place where men of the church can understand their role in the life of the church, their families, the community and workplace. More so than that, it also gives them the ability to be more proactive around the Word of God, their understanding of Christ in their lives and the urgency of sharing the Gospel to all in their spheres of influence.

By teaching and giving men the tools learnt from Scripture, from learnt vulnerabilities, confession and prayer, they are in turn able to reach into the lives of others, and that ultimately all that they do, and in every way that they can, all should be done to and for the Glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31).

The Men’s Fellowship Meeting take place every second Saturday of the month, @8:30am, at the Goodwood Sports Club. Please check the bulletin under “events” on the homepage for the details of a particular month’s meeting.