Organisations: All of Grace Institute
As a result of our doctrinal commitments, we have thought it necessary to extend our ministry to the entire Xhosa speaking (though not exclusively) Christian community in the Western Cape. Hence, All of Grace Institute was established.

The mission of the Institute is to encourage perseverance in sound biblical doctrine. There is such a great influx of false teaching to which an average person is exposed, but sadly there is nothing in the Xhosa speaking community that is designed to counteract it. Instead, more and more churches dance to its tune to the detriment of the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

Our vision is a God-centred generation of Christians. Apparently, it is inevitable that when commitment to a sound biblical faith goes, God-centeredness goes with it and man-centeredness sets in. The institute is established with a hope that God would be pleased to incline his people’s hearts to him, once again, through us.
Among other things, the Institute aims at having quarterly conferences in which doctrinal subjects will be addresses by like-minded ministers. Here are our subjects for this year:

  • Human Inability and God’s Absolute Sovereignty
  • The Supremacy of the Bible in all Matters of Faith and Conduct
  • Trinity: God’s Existence in Three Persons
  • Imminence and Transcendence: God both Near and Distant.

The Institute also aims at correspondence courses on basic historic doctrines of the church, publication of a periodical also on doctrinal subjects; distribution of literature; and to work on educational campuses. In all this we will greatly value prayer.